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About Us

Proficiency exists to support the people who assess the energy efficiency of buildings and identify ways to improve them. These professionals in efficiency are absolutely essential to the country making the necessary progress towards achieving sustainability in buildings; itself a key part of the need to limit global warming and climate change. 

Building upon foundations created by DCHI (originally formed as the Devon and Cornwall Home Inspectors Association), and whilst retaining a strong base in the Westcountry, Proficiency now encompasses a wider range of professions and supports members across the country.

Who we are

Proficiency is a membership organisation for qualified and accredited Energy Assessors and associated professionals. It exists to support its members with providing the highest quality services to meet the changing needs of the public and local communities; not just in complying with national legislative requirements but ultimately in doing our part to protect the planet for future generations.

How we can help

For those who are building, renovating, selling or renting a property, whether residential or commercial, Proficiency can help.

Our online search facility enables you to quickly find the appropriately qualified professional in your area.

Our members are here to help you.

Our members

Proficiency members work in the community they live in, and peace of mind comes from their clients knowing they are in the hands of local people with local knowledge and local values.

You can use our member search to find the professionals providing the service you need in your area.

For professionals

For the industry professional, Proficiency is an organisation which can provide you with support and continuing development. In addition, we work with other groups and organisations to enable harmonisation between the market place and the needs of the clients in an ever changing world.

The Proficiency (formerly DCHI) forum is known and respected throughout the industry as a place where Energy Assessors can gain peer support and obtain answers to technical questions, outside the hours that accreditation scheme help-desks are open.

Get more involved

Proficiency is in the process of transitioning towards a full National Association, run by its members for its members.

If you want to get involved, and demonstrate you can make a positive difference, you could become part of the leadership team that will represent our industry sector in the years to come.

Your first step is membership*. Your second step is getting involved and showing others your commitment and expertise. Your third step is being selected by the members as someone they trust to represent them. Fairly soon, Proficiency will be lead by a team who took those three steps and became key people of influence in our industry.

* Only Full (Premium) members are elgible to join the panel that represents the members and influences the direction of Proficiency.