Aims & Objectives

Proficiency exists to support five simple aims

Helping Members To Build Their Professional Networks

We do this in a variety of ways in the real world and online. We run regular online meetings where members can participate in CPD sessions, get updates and reports from around the industry and most importantly interact with each other. Relationships formed at meetings have often developed into profitable business opportunities.

Our website hosts a lively forum where members can ask questions, exchange views and swap business opportunities. This is a powerful peer support system that empowers our members in the marketplace.


Sourcing And Delivering Continuous Professional Development For Our Members

Throughout the year Proficiency hosts a comprehensive series of online CPD events where industry experts talk and present on a variety of relevant topics. These are an ideal way to keep up with current trends and latest developments. Learn more about your core subject or increase your awareness of the factors that affect it. Many of these will qualify as CPD hours towards mandated requirements. Much of this is free to access for members.

In addition to the online content, we have a successful history of delivering high value face-to-face CPD events for members. Our regional master-class sessions are well known and respected within the industry and can be set up in any areas where we have a sufficient member of members to fill the available spaces.

We also work on identifying useful third party CPD and making it available to members free or at reduced rates.


Helping Our Members Build Their Businesses

Proficiency members have the opportunity to create a "shop-front" for their business using tools provided on the Proficiency website. Starting with an effective members search tool so potential clients in your area can find you, your member profile can then be used to generate high value enquiries. Your membership can pay for itself with the additional business it can bring and importantly Proficiency is dedicated to promoting YOU. We do not get involved in the supply of member’s services and simply direct the public to our members. We are here to support you, not compete with you.

Increasingly we also see members working together to benefit from each other’s skills. Being able to offer services other than just your own, creates the ability to compete for more projects and win more business.

Working together, Proficiency members also offer each other the facility to deal effectively with managing overflow work and holiday cover. The difference this can make to the lives of independent assessors is remarkable. Suddenly you find you can take that well earned time off because somebody has you covered.


Providing A Voice For Our Members With Policy Makers

Since its original inception as DCHI back in the early days of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the organisation now known as Proficiency has played an active role in the development of the legislation, policies and conventions which support energy assessment and residential property surveying. As a result of this, combined with the size and recognised professionalism of its membership Proficiency has a strong voice at the highest levels. We use this strength to make sure that our members get a fair hearing wherever and whenever it is needed.

We contribute actively to conventions and industry software development, as well as government policy consultations. In this way we can, and do, improve the market our members work in and the tools available to them.


Raising Awareness with the Public and Business Community

Although assessing the energy efficiency of buildings is no longer a new thing, there is still a requirement to raise awareness within the industry and with the public. More people need to realise that assessments such as the EPC are not a draconian imposition to be obtained because the government says so. Instead, they are a valuable tool to help you understand your building, save money and reduce your Carbon footprint.

Proficiency provides editorial content to specialist and general publications, gives presentations, and contributes to the many online forums that can increase awareness of sustainability. We strive to ensure that more people are becoming interested in energy efficiency; and anyone interested in finding out more can do so.