Discounts and Special Offers for Members


10% Discount for new users
15% Renewal discount for existing users
10% Training discount

(On selected options)



Reductions on Pay-as-you-go, 5 or 20 plans per month subscriptions and a 10 plans per month subscription (specially for Proficiency members).

Individual plans charged at £7.50 each
(45p per plan (5.5%) saving on standard Metropix pricing)

5 Plans per month
Subscription charged at £18.95 per month
(£1.00 per month (5%) saving on standard Metropix pricing)

10 Plans per month (Proficiency plan)
Subscription charged at £30.95 per month (No direct comparison as this is not a standard Metropix plan. However, this is a saving of £13.95 (31%) compared to the standard Metropix 20 plans a month price if you woulkd use more than 5 but less than 10)


Stroma Certification Ltd
  • 10% Discount on the on-demand CPD modules
  • 10% Discount on scheduled CPD courses on the course calendar
  • 10% Discount of full training courses *
  • 20% Discount on annual Retrofit scheme membership fees*

Excludes additional third party fees such as the ABBE or NOCN fee (if applicable)

Elmhurst Energy
  • 10% discount on pre-recorded CPD courses
  • 10% discount on pre-recorded Retrofit Assessor upskill competency course for DEAs
  • 10% discount on ESOS Lead Assessor training
  • £95 + VAT joining fee is waived for the Retrofit Scheme *
  • 3 months free trial of SBEM Online software saving £10 + VAT per lodgement *
  • 3 months free trial of Recommendation Selector tool saving £2.50 + VAT per assessment *
  • 3 months free trial of RdSAP Go saving £1.00 + VAT per assessment *
* New users / new scheme members only

Offers, discounts and prices are believed to be correct at the time they are published on the site. They may alter over time and we will do our best to keep them updated. Please make us aware if any are no longer correct. Thank you.