Organisations Proficiency work with

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EPC Near Me

EPC Near Me is a nationwide marketing platform for energy assessors, designed to link those who need an Energy Performance Certificate with a local and available assessor.

It increases exposure to potential clients, well beyond what will be achieved from the Proficiency directory listing.

DesignBuilder Software Ltd

DesignBuilder Energy Assessor packages are used by many of the leading non-domestic energy assessors in the UK and Ireland to give them an edge in today’s competitive market.

A uniquely productive workflow allows users to provide EPCs and building certification reports much quicker. The 3D modelling ensures that all zones in a building fit together, providing a much more robust approach to quality.

Elmhurst Energy Systems

Elmhurst provides a wide range of Energy Assessor training and accreditation, backed up by a number of bespoke mobile, online and desktop software applications.

Many Proficiency members are accredited with Elmhurst across specialities including DEA, NDEA, OCDEA, DEC, ACEA and Retrofit.


Quidos is a leading energy assessor accreditation scheme and training centre for professionals in a built environment.

Providing individuals and companies in the building services sector with the tools to enable them to operate successfully and compliantly to the highest standards.


Fast, easy to use floor plan software

Designed for property professionals who need to draw floor plans quickly and simply.

A perfect tool for Estate Agents, Energy Assessors, Interior Designers and Architects, and used by many Proficiency members.


Floor plan software for property professionals

PC or tablet based floor plan drawing solutions including enhanced features such as colour and 3D floorplans. Metropix offer a range of options and pricing plans to suit a wide range of different users.

As used by many Proficiency members


The Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) is a trade body which represents the Accreditation Schemes.

These companies oversee Energy Assessors in the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Air Conditioning Inspection Reports (ACIRs).

Proficiency are pleased to work alongside PEPA to maximise the quiality, visibilty and significance of our industry.

The Energy Assessor Alliance

Working together with other like-minded organisations, Proficiency provide effective support and representation for Energy assessors.

Our voice at the conventions groups and other stakeholder engagements has made a significant difference for our members and the wider energy assessor community.

Choosing to work with or become a member of one of these organisations is a choice to be part of making our industry better.

Stroma Certification

Stroma Certification is a Government authorised Certification body. They provide certification and training courses for energy assessors working on domestic, commercial, new build domestic, public buildings and retrofitted properties.

Many Proficiency members are accredited with Stroma across specialities including DEA, NDEA, OCDEA, DEC, ACEA and Retrofit.