Ian Sturt

Proficiency Chairman and Director
Newton Abbot, Devon

Ian played a key role in the regional energy assessor association DCHI from 2007 until it became Proficiency in 2022. He has since held the interim role of Proficiency Chairman whilst Proficiency makes the transition into the much needed National Association supporting and representing energy assessors and associated professionals.

Since the early days of DCHI, Ian has spoken for Energy Assessors at a national level and he has represented assessors in the conventions groups since 2011. Indeed, it was Ian who first won the right for energy assessors to be represented, and subsequently became recognised as a full member of the groups with voting rights equivalent to those of the accreditation schemes. 

Through Ian’s engagement with the schemes and stakeholders such as BRE, members of Proficiency (formerly DCHI) have been able to influence improvements in software, guidance and the methodologies themselves. However, Ian is the first to admit that what has been achieved is the tip of the iceberg compared to what can be achieved by a strong team of Energy Assessors working together for the common good. 

As a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA), Non-domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) and Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessor, Ian has a strong grounding in both the domestic and non-domestic sectors. He wrote the Education Development International (EDI) version of the DEA upgrade exam and developed the EDI qualification and assessment material for domestic and non-domestic energy assessors and Green Deal Advisors; working as sector consultant for EDI until their takeover by Pearson.

He remains a practising Energy Assessor, focused mainly on DECs and non-domestic EPCs these days.

Relevant qualifications

  • Dip HI, Dip NDEA (L4), Dip DEC

Areas of Expertise

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
(DEC Conventions and ORCalc software)

Non-domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
(Non-domestic EPC conventions, SBEM Methodology, DesignBuilder software)

Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
(Domestic EPC conventions, RdSAP methodology)

Engagement Roles

  • Non-Domestic Conventions Group Assessor Representative
  • Domestic Conventions Group Assessor Representative (RdSAP)
  • DEC (ORCalc) Conventions Group Assessor Representative
  • Stakeholder Engagement Lead
  • SBEM Industry Forum Assessor Representative