Steve Maclean

Retrofit Team Member
Steve Maclean Profile Photo
Chelmsford, Essex

Steve is a highly skilled professional who excels in his role as a DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor), retrofit assessor, and retrofit coordinator. With extensive experience in the field, Steven has successfully worked with various funding streams to implement energy-efficient retrofit projects. His expertise and in-depth knowledge enable him to assess and identify areas for improvement in buildings, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

Steve's proficiency as a DEA allows him to conduct thorough assessments of properties, providing accurate energy performance certificates and valuable recommendations for retrofit measures. As a retrofit assessor, he meticulously evaluates existing structures, identifying opportunities for insulation, heating system upgrades, and other energy-saving interventions. His comprehensive understanding of building regulations and energy efficiency standards ensures that retrofits are planned and executed to meet the highest industry standards. 

Additionally, Steve's role as a retrofit coordinator showcases his exceptional project management skills. He seamlessly coordinates with different funding streams, including government initiatives and private schemes, to secure financial resources for retrofit projects. He navigates the complex landscape of funding applications, ensuring compliance with the specific requirements of each program. 

Steve's commitment to sustainability and his dedication to improving the energy efficiency of buildings make him a valuable asset in the field. His ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including property owners, contractors, and funding agencies, establishes him as a trusted professional. Steve's expertise, combined with his passion for creating energy-efficient spaces, contributes significantly to the ongoing efforts to mitigate climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Relevant Qualifications

  • Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA)
  • Retrofit Assessor
  • Retrofit Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

  • Domestic Energy Certificates (EPCs)
  • Domestic Retrofit Assessments
  • Domestic Retrofit Coordination
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Floor Plans
  • Aerial Photography

Engagement Roles

  • Member of the Proficiency Retrofit panel
  • Retrofit Coordinator Scheme Working Group (RCSWG) representative