Terms & Privacy Policy

Policy under ongoing development

Proficiency is continually developing its services to suit the needs of our members and the clients they service. This document is evolving as part of that. Whilst it remains in development, please contact us if there is anything of concern and we will endeavour to address it.

Your details

The details you provide us with are used to provide you with the services you request or otherwise access. They are held securely and are not shared with third parties except in the circumstances below.

The basic details required to operate the services you access will be held for as long as they may be needed. Any additional information you enter, for example content on a profile page, is under your control and you are responsible for managing it. Members also control whether or not the information on their profile is publicly available or hidden.

Should a membership lapse, the profile information is archived and will no longer be publicly accessible. It is retained so a former member can choose to reactivate their membership and access their previously set up details. Should you wish to have your profile page information permanently deleted rather than archived you can do this by a) deleting your profile page yourself whilst you have a current membership, or b) if your membership has expired (and you no longer have access to manage your information yourself) requesting it be deleted by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

When your details can be shared with a third party

As a professional organisation we will do everything we can to eliminate fraud. 

We will comply with any reasonable request from law enforcement or statutory authorities to provide information relevant to an investigation of alleged fraud. 

Any fraudulent use of member benefits (which includes facilitating the use of a member benefit by a non-member) will not be tolerated. The identity of anyone involved will be disclosed on request to anyone reasonably shown to have been the victim of the fraud. Specifically, this includes that if a member benefit has been used to falsely obtain financial or other benefit from a partner, we will if requested, confirm the identity the person(s) involved to that partner.

reCAPTCHA protection

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy applies to your use of the features it enables access to.

reCAPTCHA  is essential to our ability to prevent spammers and others from misusing the features to disrupt the site and our ability to provide the services you are here to access.

Accuracy of information

Proficiency will make every reasonable effort to ensure the information provided on this website is as accurate and up to date as practically possible where it is under our direct control. If you believe anything is incorrect or out of date please let us know.

The content on member listings and member profile pages is not under our direct control. Members enter their own information and have the ability to update it themselves.

Whilst we require our members to be honest and not to make any false or misleading claims (and they will be subject to sanction or expulsion if we find they do) we cannot absolutely guarantee they have not. You must satisfy yourself that any claims made are credible, as indeed you should when finding any provider from any source.

Proficiency is not and cannot be deemed liable for any information entered or managed by a member on its website; unless Proficiency has previously been notified about said content and has failed to act within a reasonable period of time to address it.

Member benefits

Member benefits are exclusively for the use of individual members. Their membership will be terminated if any member is found to have knowingly made a member benefit available to a non-member. Any attempt by a non-member to access a member benefit they are not entitled to will be considered an attempt to defraud Proficiency and/or the organisation providing the benefit.

Prices for services offered by members

Proficiency members are individuals who control the range, quality and price of their own services. Proficiency does not set or guide the prices of any services offered by its members.

Members are not permitted to display prices for their services on any page hosted on the Proficiency website. If a breach of this rule is observed it should be brought to our attention by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our website contains links to other third party websites. We have no control over and are not responsible for, the content or privacy policies of those websites. You are encouraged check the terms and privacy notices of those websites before providing them with any personal information.

Data Security

We take appropriate and proportional measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, disclosure, or modification. However,  no form of information storage and / or transmission is 100% secure. Whilst we use our best endeavours, we cannot guarantee the total security of information you provide.

Third Party Services

Bricks & Logic

The Energy Report service is provided by a third party. Proficiency has no control over the service and is not responsible for the accuracy or availability of it. When you access the service, you are leaving the Proficiency website and accessing services provided by Bricks & Logic. 

The information provided by the service is information only and is not advice. Should you choose to use the service, Proficiency shall have no liability in respect of how you choose to interpret or use the information. 

The service is made available by Proficiency as an added value resource to our members and site visitors because we believe it to be useful. There is no cost to you in accessing this service and we do not receive any income should you choose to use it. Nor do we receive any income should you subsequently choose to access any other services from Bricks & Logic or their associates. 

Any personal data you choose to provide will be processed by Bricks & Logic (the data processor) and used to provide the service, which includes emailing you your chosen report. The service cannot be accessed without providing a valid email address.

Proficiency and Bricks & Logic may use the information you provide for statistical analysis purposes. Your information will not be processed or held by Proficiency and Proficiency are not a data processor in respect of it. Neither Proficiency nor Bricks & Logic will use any personal data you provide for marketing purposes or provide it any third parties.

(Proficiency may at some future date wish to use data processed by Bricks & Logic for marketing purposes. In such event these terms will be updated in respect data obtained subsequently. Any data obtained prior to that point will still not be used for marketing purposes).

Third Party Analytics 

This website may use third party services like analytics provided by others such as Google Analytics.  which will involve relevant cookies and tracking techmologies. This is to help us understand how the website is used and improve the services we offer. Any information these third-party services may collect about your use of the website is outside our control, but inline with standard practice.  We encourage you to ensure your own browser privacy settings are set at a level you are comfortable with.

Overall policy

We intend to operate in a profesional and transparent manner. The features being built into this website will be configured to ensure that happens and this policy will be updated to describe them once they are resolved.

Last updated 07 December 2012