CPD Speaker Meeting (6th June 2023) - Really Useful Stuff

From 06.06.2023 16:00 until 06.06.2023 17:30
At Online
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And now for something completely different!

Pre-Booking is required.

This is change from the usual format. Proficiency Chairman Ian Sturt will take you through a wide range of topics that will ensure there is something for everyone, whichever strand(s) you are engaged in. The underlying themes will be:

  • Tips and tricks to increase your productivity
  • Things you didn't know you didn't know (the unknown unknowns)
  • Free web resources that could be useful to you
  • Examples of free software that can make you more efficient
  • Getting the most out of your Proficiency Membership (your free advertising, the forum, discounts and resources)

This will be a higly interactive session and we can pretty much guarantee there will be bunch of things where you will think "I wish I had known that before".

It will be followed by an open floor discussion and networking session if there is time. Expect this to finish around 5:30 pm but allow some flexibility if you can as there will be a lot to be gained from the Q & A.

This event is FREE for Proficiency members. It is open to non-members at a cost of £20. (It makes more sense to join and get at least 12 sessions like this for free in the year).

Attendance certificates will be added to the member's  CPD record. Non-members will be provided with an attendance certificate to enable them to claim at least an hour of relevant CPD.

HOW IT WORKS - Please read carefully

You will be sent joining instructions and/or the relevant link ahead of the meeting. This is typically sent out about 1 day ahead of the event. For online events we generally use Zoom.

Around 24 hours ahead of the event you will receive a link to register for the event. You can do this any time from then until just before the meeting starts. Once you have registered you will receive the actual meeting link. Please ensure you register using your correct full name. This ensures you will get the right name on your CPD certificate (if applicable),

(If there is less than 24 hours to go, please check your junk / spam folder before contacting us to say you haven't received the link. It will probably be there. If it is not then do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but don't leave it to the last minute. Once we have started to set up for the session we will not be able to take calls or respond to emails).

Please also ensure you have tested your set up and both your audio and video are working. If we cannot see you are present we may not be able to issue you with a CPD certificate. If you know in advance that you will not have video capability, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will agree an alternative way in which the organisers can verify you were actually present (and hopefully paying attention) for the entire session.

If you need to briefly deal with something like an urgent phone call during the session, please turn your video off whilst you do so to avoid a distraction to other attendees. Video off for short periods of absence will not affect eligibility for CPD certificates. Prolonged periods of absence or where video is off so you could be absent, will prevent us being able to issue a CPD certificate. This verification of your presence is essential for us to ensure that the value of Proficiency CPD certificates is maintained so they can be accepted by accreditation schemes. 

(There are no refunds where CPD certificates cannot be issued due to only partial attendance at an event).