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Desperate for CPD

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We keep seeing social media requests from energy assessors, “where can I get 10 hours of CPD quickly”, my accreditation is up for renewal and I haven’t got any CPD done. 

It is amazing that this is still cropping up. CPD is “continuing” professional development. We know that we are mandated to do a minimum of 10 hours in a year (more of we do additional strands) so by 2 months before renewal we should at least have around 8 hours in the bag already. Nobody should ever be rushing to find 10 hours just before their accredation renews.

Proficiency membership promises a minimum of 12 hours of CPD in the year included for its members. It is live, relevant, and interactive CPD delivered in easily manageable 1 - 2 hour online sessions throughout the year. CPD certificates are issued which are recognised by the accreditation schemes. So far this year Proficiency has actually provided well over 20 hours and there is more to come, so even if you missed a few you can still be well over your mandated requirements. 

Access to all the CPD you need (and CPD is only the tip of the iceberg) is available for just £60 a year. You can pick it up in bite sized pieces throughout the year, without having to take significant time out of your business. 

If you have got yourself into that last minute panic then sorry, Proficiency can’t give you 10 hours of CPD by the end of the week. But please, don’t leave it until the last minute in future. Tick it off through the year and get a balanced mix of what will be useful to you, not just whatever you can get quick and cheap at the last minute. 

This is what you could have had in the bag already 

This is what is coming up and there is more to be added shortly