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Why hide the benefits of EPC improvements?

EPC Graph

Once again we find ourselves questioning the logic behind what the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) is doing with the EPC. 

We all need  EPCs to be a driver for change, so anything that reduces their ability to do that is a disservice to everyone. And yet, the EPC register is deliberately dumbing them down. 

If you look at your EPC online it will give an indication of what impact the recommended measures will have on the rating. That is useful information, whether of not complying with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard it is critical to you. 

However, if you print a copy, or download the PDF to share or refer back to, that information is excluded. We are at a loss as to why anyone would think that hiding that information from users of hard copy or PDF copy EPCs would be a good idea.

The online view (as below) shows you the progression of possible ratings based on the recommended ratings, which is extremely useful in considering which ones you should do.

Improvements on web EPC
However, the printed / PDF version (as below) hides it from you instead.
Improvements on web EPC

We are unable to think of any logical explanation for doing this, unless the aim is to reduce the likelihood of people acting on EPC recommendations. Surely that is not the agenda here, but the continued reluctance to show people what they need to know on the EPC is a barrier to net zero. 

The whole industry is calling for clearer and more meaningful metrics on the EPC and DLUHC are holding us back.

Proficiency at least are doing our bit to try and improve the usability of EPCs through our project with Bricks & Logic. Our aim is to help people better understand the benefits of EPC measures through our Free Energy Efficiency Report. It builds on the information in your EPC to help owners understand the significance. 

Try it and see. It is entirely FREE to use and easily accessed here FREE ENERGY EFFICIENCY REPORT